What is a ceramic coating?

Because we are detailers we’re tempted to get into detailing lingo & the nitty gritty, but we’ll try to keep it simple. A ceramic coating is an ultra durable layer of protection for your car's paint. A ceramic coating will provide an extremely slick, hydrophobic surface so dirt & contaminants won’t affect your car's paint. Making maintenance a breeze. A ceramic coating is like a thick winter jacket you put on your kids before going sledding. As the ceramic coating cures we are left with an extremely hard layer of silicon dioxide (glass) which

protects your vehicle’s paint, glass and other surfaces. Not only will your vehicle have a rich glossy appearance but, a professional nano ceramic coating is designed to last between 3 & 7 years. Ceramic coatings have 2 jobs. 

  1. Provide an intense layer of protection for your car for YEARS, not weeks, not months, resulting in better condition paint over the years. 

  2. Provide an EXTREME showroom shine gloss for YEARS.

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Professional Ceramic Coatings

We are proud to be a SystemX Ceramic Protection Authorized Ceramic Coating installer. System X has the most durable professional ceramic coating products, trusted in highly by professionals worldwide. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected with professional grade ceramic coating products, installed by professionals. 


We are also a proud Carfax Partner. All of our Ceramic Coatings & Detail Services report to Carfax!

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